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Glasspec institutional furniture

GLASSPEC behavioral healthcare furniture is specially designed and engineered for critical applications. GLASSPEC molded psychiatric furniture is ideally suited for residents requiring exceptional care. GLASSPEC unique mental healthcare furniture includes suicide prevention products designed in collaboration with field-experienced practitioners who are well versed in safety requirements of patients and staff. Select from a variety of special needs furniture and therapeutic furniture – to suit your requirements for safety and security. We provide institutional furniture for facilities nationwide.

For over 38 years, GLASSPEC has specialized in providing high-quality molded fiberglass correctional furniture. GLASSPEC builds extreme durability and security into each piece of correctional furniture. We provide specially designed institutional furniture that's as tough as your environment – yet safe and secure for inmates and staff. GLASSPEC corrections furniture is the result of years of field research in facilities like yours – after consultation with justice architects, jail administrators, maintenance staff and corrections healthcare practitioners.

GLASSPEC offers a complete range of institutional furniture for every corrections/mental health application – room furniture and dayroom furniture. Let us provide your facility with our manufactured molded fiberglass furniture and equipment.

Fiberglass Autopsy Tables | Fiberglass Medical Equipment

Molded fiberglass autopsy tables that can double as decontamination tables for non-ambulatory patients prior to treatment, on-site or at hospitals. GLASSPEC offers several different models of various sizes and also manufactures for several national medical equipment suppliers, under their own label. The principal advantages of fiberglass over steel are price and that fiberglass is transparent to x-rays. We manufacture medical restraints, autopsy tables, restraint beds, and many other fiberglass furniture and equipment.