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FIBERGLASS furniture | Institutional furniture

GLASSPEC was founded in September of 1980 in Miami, Florida as a family owned and operated company, to manufacture and sell molded fiberglass products and fiberglass furniture.

Over the years our product lines have evolved. Commercial indoor planters, waste receptacles for public areas, malls, airports and the like, and contract furniture came and went, followed by the development of furniture designs for the institutional end user in the correctional, mental health and rehabilitation fields, which have made GLASSPEC a recognized national supplier of these unique products and institutional furniture.

Custom Fabrication

In addition to our proprietary product line, we offer a custom fabrication service to manufacture finished products and components for products marketed by a diverse group of companies, in the fields of medicine, transportation, military and industrial.

As an example of a CUSTOM FABRICATION turned into a catalogue product, our autopsy table tops are being manufactured as a proprietary item, as well as under license for other national firms in this field.