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GLASSPEC Autopsy Tables

Molded fiberglass autopsy tables offer a practical alternative to the traditional stainless steel construction. The fiberglass table tops are less expensive than the ones made of stainless, are just as durable, will not dent, can be repaired, are lightweight, can be washed with soap and water, are available in colors, are impervious to temperature extremes and last but not least, fiberglass is transparent to x-rays. For that purpose, we offer the option of x-ray film track, that is permanently installed on the underside of the tables.

Presently we offer two different styles. Besides the dimensional difference, what sets them apart is that one has a recessed sump area where the drain is located, while the other has a slight taper instead. The latter is available in three models, the standard, the standard shallow and the wide body. The former is only available in shallow and wide body shallow sizes.

If you require a size other than these, in order to fit your equipment, we invite you to call and discuss the possibility of having a custom tray made. The standard color is Greystone, but others are available.


MEX 100 82"I x 26.25"w X 4" deep Deep standard, sloping drain
MEX 150 82"I x 26.25" w x 2" deep Shallow standard, sloping drain
MEX 200 82"I x 34" wide x 4" deep Deep wide body, sloping drain
MEX 350 82"I x 31" wide x 2" deep Shallow; drain in sump recess
MEX 400 82"I x 34" wide x 2" deep Shallow wide body, sloping drain


STOR 100 82"I x 22" w x 2" deep Flat bottom with runners, no drain

MEX 100
MEX 100
MEX 100 Drain
MEX 100 Drain
MEX 350 Drain Sump
MEX 350 Drain Sump