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Custom OEM Fabrication

In the world of molded furniture manufacturers, customizing an existing product or developing an entirely new design, is not encouraged, unless the volume of product to be manufactured is in the thousands. Glasspec’s products are made of fiberglass reinforced plastic, not rotocast or vacuum made plastic products. With over 30 years in the business, we have the knowhow to be able to modify an existing product and/or develop a new product even when the production run will be in the tens.

In the recent past few months, several customers have taken advantage of this offer and requested changes to existing products i.e.: we added an storage compartment at the feet end of a wall mounted bed, that did not previously have one; we have closed the storage compartments on beds that had them as standard; we have adapted beds that were designed to be installed against two walls in the corner of a room, so that they could be installed against only one wall; we took our dormitory platform bed and added recessed anchor points for restraints. These are but a few examples of what we can do to our existing products.

O.E.M. Custom Fiberglass Fabrication

Original Equipment Manufacturers will also be able to take advantage of our fabrication experience. Manufacturing fiberglass products or components of other products is often not compatible with other manufacturing operations dedicated to making products using steel, wood, cement or other materials. It demands specialized equipment, the use of flammable and toxic raw materials as well as experienced personnel.

Many OEM companies have discovered that outsourcing the fiberglass molding portion of their product line makes a positive contribution to their bottom line. Being able to purchase products at a fixed price only when needed without the investment in space, staff, permits, storage, etc an leaving fiberglass product manufacturing to the experts is a sensible and money saving decision.

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