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Dormitory Furniture | Fiberglass Beds

A collection of furniture pieces to furnish a complete room. Molded fiberglass single and bunk beds, wall mounted shelving, writing surfaces and stools, designed mindful of the safety of the client and staff alike, with sloping surfaces, rounded edges, molded in one piece with no joints. Easy to clean with soap and water.

Note: the salient features of all our furniture are as follows:
1- Made of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), same as boats, large semi-truck bodies, skies,
helmets, some cars, some airplanes, etc
2- Molded. A molded part does not have seams that can collect dirt, serve to hide contraband or
be pried apart, it is a one piece monolith without components that can come loose and take the
furniture out of service and/or be used as a weapon. Most have textured surfaces which wear
better and disguise finger marks.
3- Built-in qualities. Fiberglass (FRP) will not absorb body fluids, will not harbor blood or
disease pathogens, will not rust or rot, can be washed with mild soap and water, has a higher
strength to weight ratio than steel and can be repaired.
4- Shapes. Because the furniture is molded, we are able to incorporate rounded corners and
edges to prevent or at least decrease the chance of injury, whether accidental or self-inflicted. We
design furniture pieces that are contemporary in appearance and non-threatening, with sloping
surfaces, all very desirable when dealing with incarcerated juveniles or metal patients.
5- Durability. As demonstrated by the many products that have migrated to fiberglass as a raw
material, fiberglass furniture is ideal for institutions where it will be abused, and come out
unscathed while maintaining a safe environment for both residents and staff alike.
6- Application. Because of all of the above, the furniture is ideal for use in mental health
facilities, by the emotionally disturbed, in homes for the elderly or physically challenged, and in
detention and correctional facilities both jails and prisons by adults and juveniles alike.


-The wall mounted desk, is used in rooms, has adequate size and does not take up needed space.
Can be installed at different heights to match children or adults. The sides form a sloping surface
that prevents looping something over them.
-The cylindrical stool, used in combination with the wall mounted desk, has a larger diameter than
the typical steel stool with a pipe pedestal, also has enclosed sides, rounded edges and concave
seat surface for added comfort. It is designed to be permanently anchored to the floor though the
-The platform bed, is used both in rooms and in dormitory settings. The enclosed sides add a
measure of safety and makes for easy inspections, and the recessed sides provide toe space and
discourage kicking. The have a molded raised edge to help keep the mattress in place and can be
used loose or permanently anchored.
-The wall mounted bed, comes in three distinct models, a right and left mirror image of each other and a third that, when used with a filler piece, will span the width of the room and mount to all three walls. It has a recessed front for toe space and to discourage kicking, also two molded storage compartments in the front, all of which can be easily inspected.
-The bed is installed using adhesives and has no exposed fasteners, eliminating the possibility of coming loose or using the fastener for self-mutilation. The shelving/wardrobe unit, available as a two or four shelf item, designed to be attached to a wall, no seams or moving parts and sloping top surface, all of which enhance safety and make them easy to inspect and maintain. Good proportions provide enough storage space without taking up much room space. Ideally used in rooms, the four shelves is preferred when there are two occupants in the room.


Product Name/Model



Glasspec DURAMAX® Wall Mounted Desks View Details for specs View
Glasspec DURAMAX® Stool
Height: 16"
Width: 20"
Weight: 11 lbs
Diameter: 20"
37916 B
Height: 16"
Width: 36"
Length: 79"
Weight: 110 lbs
347918 FSB/Bunk
Height: 55"
Width: 34"
Length: 79"
Weight: 204 lbs
Glasspec DURAMAX® SHELVING View Details for specs View
418518 B/L
Height: 18"
Width: 41.5"
Length: 84"
Weight" 200 lbs