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Designed With A Purpose


Surrounds play a key role in the treatment of patients with mental health issues. Temperature, lighting, colors, sound and furniture are an integral part of the type of treatment a facility offers.

GLASSPEC’s mental health furniture is designed and built with this in mind. Furniture with contemporary design and colors that can be soothing and remind one of home, while masking its sturdy make up for what can be intensive use or abuse and do so with a margin of safety and hygiene for patient and care giver alike.

Using fiberglass instead of steel or wood, allows us to mold the behavioral health furniture products in one piece, for maximum safety without taking anything away from comfort and attractiveness. Rehab clinic furniture must pack a number of features that address the uniqueness of the venue.

We address many of these concerns in our designs: the furniture can be anchored or weighed to prevent movement, it has rounded corners and edges to reduce the risk of injury whether self inflicted or accidental, one piece construction with no components that can be detached to become weapons, nonabsorbing surface that makes it easy to clean body fluids and will not harbor pathogens that can transmit illness, colors that are molded-in not sprayed-on, compatible with most hospital and industrial grade cleaners and disinfectants, will not rot or rust and pound for pound is stronger than steel, you get all this with Glasspec’s mental health furniture.

The furniture is available in many different colors specially selected for this use, however, we recognize that when integrating the furniture into the designed environment it may be necessary to match other colors, and we offer to do that when necessary.

At Glasspec we would like nothing better than to work with you in selecting the right pieces for your facility and have them play a positive role in the recovery of behaviorally and mentally ill persons .