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Designed With A Purpose

Promote a safe, sanitary and home-like atmosphere with the use of our institutional housing furniture

Supportive housing is designed for people with special needs, the aging, infirm and homeless. Halfway housing facilities are there for those transitioning from more secure mental health or correctional facilities back into society. Temporary shelters are set up before, during and after natural disasters and used by persons and families from all walks of life.

One common denominator for all, is the need for safe, sanitary, durable furniture with a home like appearance that mask the truly institutional qualities built into them.

Whether yours is a homeless shelter that provides a place to clean up, have a meal and spend the night under a roof, a day shelter without dormitory or bedding providing a place for dispensing care, meals and basic needs, supportive housing with a dormitory setting or individual rooms caring for those that are unable to live independently because of age, disability, substance abuse or other issues requiring supervision, or transitional housing for those trying to integrate back into society. You need institutional housing furniture that will stand up to the very heavy use and abuse common to these venues. Furniture that looks contemporary and colorful that is safe to use and easy to maintain.

Except for shelters run by the government to house victims of disasters for a short time span, funding is a major issue for all community, church, mission and privately owned shelters. Furniture issues and replacement is always a financial burden, but it does not have to be when the proper shelter and housing furniture is selected.

GLASSPEC’s institutional furniture is designed and built for this specific use with many features only available with molded fiberglass construction: one piece construction without joints and seams that are difficult to clean, no attached components that can come loose and render the furniture useless or become weapons, will not absorb body fluids, can be clean with alcohol and other hospital grade cleaners without concern for the color or finish, rounded corners and edges that preclude the possibility of injury, will not rot or rust and they can be simply set in place or permanently anchored to the floor.

When you can keep your furniture looking like new for many years without the need for replacement, your limited funds can be use for other purposes where they will do th most good.