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Keep Your Facility Secure With Justice System Furniture

Specially designed justice system furniture is just what your jail, prison, or detention center needs to keep inmates safe and secure. Detention furniture is tough and tamper-resistant to stand up to the wear and tear of years of heavy use, as well as any efforts inmates might make to intentionally damage furniture. A secure facility requires durable, tamper-resistant furniture that nevertheless makes inmates feel comfortable and at home.

Comfort is an important part of successful rehabilitation. Inmates that are comfortable in their surroundings suffer less psychological distress and are more likely to focus on making positive changes in their lives that can help them make fresh starts once they get out of prison. Comfortable institutional furniture does not have to be less durable, less tamper-resistant, or harder to clean.

Correctional facility furniture can be built from strong, sturdy, easy-to-clean materials and still be built for comfort. Molded fiberglass furniture is easy-to-clean and hygienic, prevents injuries, and is built for maximum durability. Our fiberglass furniture has rounded edges and corners and won’t rust or corrode like steel. Our furniture can also be easily cleaned with soap and water and will not absorb bodily fluids.

The right furniture allows inmates to undergo occupational skills training, educational programs, and psychological or psychiatric treatment while maintaining the safety and security of all involved, both inmates and correctional officers alike. From chairs for group counseling and psychotherapy, to psychiatric beds for the most severely ill inmates, furniture forms a part of the foundation of justice system mental health.

Comfortable and attractive furniture is just one way to minimize the negative effects of the correctional system on inmates. Go to today to see our line of justice system furniture.